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As some of you know, we announced the release of a single at the end of this month. The single is recorded, finished, and ready to be released. However, we feel very strongly, that due to some awesome opportunities that have come across our lap, that it would be best to push the release back until next month so we can plan around the release. This will make the overall release better for us, the single, and most importantly our lovely fans. Thank you for your patience thus far! #album3 #pictureatlantic #thethr3equal

Screw you, Trekkie scum! #DaForce

Screw you, Trekkie scum! #DaForce


Brolly, Rin Tin Tiger, and Picture Atlantic | Art Boutiki | 08.22.14

This app is sick! Definitely going to use this more #hyperlapse #pictureatlantic

Back in the saddle #innout #pictureatlantic

@brollymusic totally killing it tonight! So sad these guys are moving to Denver! Rocky Mountain High you bastards, we love you! #brollymusic #farewellyubacity

@braveseason rocking the stage! First band was late so these guys were champs and played first instead. Much love! Check these guys out online! #marysville #slacartcollective

It’s not a real venue unless there is a naked torso chained to the outside wall @brollymusic #Marysville

Van stories on the way to play with @brollymusic tonight! See you soon Marysville.