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Thanks to Skeleton Key Photography for another amazing photoshoot. We’re really happy with these awesome pictures!


I don’t really have time to edit yesterday’s shoot with pictureatlantic until tomorrow, but here’s a quick preview of one of the shots I’m excited about

New photos on the way! Always a blast to shoot with Anna. She always does a bang up job!

"I remember when I was filming this at one point I was literally on the ground filming Nik as he played and had to make sure you couldn’t see my reflection on piano. I also remember there was a key that would get stuck, and he had to push down on the sustain pedal for it to get unstuck, so we kept having to re-do it because he wasn’t use to playing it like that. We were at our friends grandmas house. It’s funny because sometimes you could hear her grandson crying in the background. The audio was recorded on my itouch that I set by the window."


Our friend Jake Whichman did this awesome cover of Melting! Enjoy and give him some online love!


I remember this one new years I spent in Santa Cruz, I got super sick, I felt like I was going to die but still played this house show, this basically sums up the night.


This is too funny, Bill Cosby is cool.


A nice little video of us playing Burbank!


#pictureatlantic wahhhh finally I am not a grandma and I do something on my Saturdays!


"The only thing I agree with: gay marriage and guns. Because I want to get married to my gay gun" (at Art Boutiki & Gallery)

Our brand new Music video for WHITE KNIGHT. 

Enjoy, and please, as always spread the word and reblog. We need your help to give this video some exposure :)

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